Sunday Morning
Sunday School 9am
Prayer 10:00 am
Praise and Worship 10:30 am

Wednesday Night
Prayer 6:00 pm
Bible Study 7:00 pm

Friday Night
Prayer 6:00 pm
Deliverance Service 7:00 pm (1st Friday Only)




Youth Ministry

Mission Statement

Our Ministry exists to educate, encourage, and increase the spiritual development of the youth of Guiding Light Ministries while providing an energetic, spirit-filled atmosphere to learn and grow as we teach the unadulterated Word of God.

Today’s youth face many issues such as pre-marital sex, drugs, homosexuality, and peer pressure. At Guiding Light Ministries, we are committed to providing alternatives to the world’s solutions to the problems our youth encounter. We provide alternate activities for our young adults to help them make a smooth transition from childhood to young adulthood without feeling like they have missed out on something. Our strategy is to provide our young people with the spiritual content on a level that they can understand. We strive to combine this with social activities to develop balanced individuals for future ministry.

Yours in Christ,

GLMI Youth Leaders